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Omaha Chiropractor Dr. Shawn Schmidt founded Natural Health Center to Help You Enjoy Optimal Health. The Clinic continues his Legacy.

Omaha Chiropractor Shawn Schmidt founded Natural Health Center PC in 1990. The chiropractic doctors at the Center carry on with Dr. Shawn's legacy in mind, committed to helping you reach your health and wellness goals. Visit Dr. Jess Bethel or Dr. Thomas Morehead at the Center to learn how acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, homeopathic remedies, nutritional analysis, biomeridian testing and a variety of natural and holistic healing therapies can help you get healthy and stay healthy.

The Clinic continues to expand our Omaha chiropractic and holistic healing services to meet today's ever-changing health and wellness challenges.

Our Omaha chiropractic clinic uses a wide variety of modalities to help our patients regain their optimal health. From traditional chiropractic care to more advanced Biomeridan testing, from nutritional consulting to our ongoing "Health in the 21st Century" programs we strive to assist our patients along the journey to wellness.

Ready to take an active role in your own health?

If you have any questions, wish to schedule an appointment or consultation, or would simply like more information about the chiropractic services and natural healing therapies and treatments we offer, please contact our Omaha office:

Best of Health,
the Legacy of Omaha Chiropractor Dr. Shawn Schmidt
Phone: 402-399-2020
Office: 8001 Chicago St., Omaha, NE 68114 (click for map and directions)

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