Natural Health Center, PC has closed.

Dr. Shawn Schmidt, DC
8001 Chicago, Omaha, NE
Your Patient privacy and medical records are important to us. Please read the following information closely in order to access your files.

New information: If you wish to obtain a copy of your patient records after
July 21, 2019
please email Patient files will be mailed to the patient for a processing fee of $15.


After August 2019, we will provide additional information on how to obtain copies of your patient records. We are in the process of looking for a clinic which will take over the patient records and where you can reach out to them to gain access to your records.

To receive a copy of your Medical Records
and Patient Information, follow these instructions.

Attention patients:

After July 21, we will no longer take faxed documents nor phone calls at the 402-399-2020
number. Please send all questions and correspondences to the email We will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

The following dates the clinic building will be open for patients to stop by and pick up a copy of your patient records/file:

Personnel will be onsite at the office, 8001 Chicago Street, from 9am - 2pm
• Wed 6/26 • Fri 6/28 • Sat 6/29 • Tues 7/2 • Fri 7/5 • Tues 7/9 • Wed 7/10 • Th7/11 • Fri 7/12

You will be required to complete an "Authorization for the Release of Medical Records" form when you arrive at the clinic.
OR to save time, please download the Authorization form (HERE), complete it, and either fax it to 402-399-0707 or email to

The authorization must be completely filled out.  Failure to do so may delay the release of your medical information. Incomplete or partially completed requests cannot be processed and will be returned for complete information.

Upon receiving the request, we will copy your file and notify you when it is ready to pick it up, on the days listed above. Please allow for at least 72 hours or three business days after the request is received. Please allow for an additional 7 to 10 days delivery time for records sent by mail.

When picking up your file, please bring a form of ID with you to verify your identity.

If requesting medical records for someone else, you must include:
1. Proof of legal authority to act on behalf of the patient. Legal proof includes guardianship papers, power of attorney papers, personal representative papers, and other legal documents.
2. Signature of the patient's representative and date.
3. Relationship of the representative to the patient.

If you have any questions, please email.

Thank you for your understanding during this process.

Best of Health,

The Natural Health Center Team